About Us

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In 2014, No.1 Malatang opened its first store in Sydney CBD, introducing authentic Northeast Chinese bone broth Malatang to Australians for the first time. During the 8 years of team refinement and market development, the brand still maintains high standards for taste and ingredients. Meanwhile, No. 1 Malatang has continuously innovated and developed different soup bases and dishes to meet the needs of different ethnic groups and dietary preferences. No. 1 Malatang adheres to such a brand spirit, and has undoubtedly achieved full-scale expansion after the pandemic, opening more than 20 stores in all mainstream Chinese communities, as well as in Western, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, and Korean communities.  No.1 Malatang gained popularity in Australia by gradually shedding its Chinese label and becoming the leading Malatang brand with the largest customer flow, the most stores, and the most coverage. In 2021, we officially opened nationwide franchising under this brand value and implemented a partnership system.  Throughout Australia, we aim to spread our Chinese cuisine and culture to enhance the influence of Chinese food abroad, elevating the brand to new heights while providing tangible returns to our franchisees and partners.